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At the Tech Trek camp the girls are immersed in a world that empowers and encourages them to think about themselves as future scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and computer specialists.


The forty-four 8th grade girls who attended the week-long Tech Trek Florida camp in June left camp with a much greater appreciation of the wide range of interesting opportunities available in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) than before they arrived at camp.  The camp took place on the campus of Eckerd College  in St. Petersburg from June 27– July 3, 2015. These girls were selected from a pool of 250 then 7th grade girls who were nominated by their science or math teachers and then went through a selection process that included responses to questions, an essay and finally a personal interview.

The camp activities included workshops, hands on exploration, investigation, experimenting and learning about robots, aeronautics, geology, food chemistry, forensics, mathematical and engineering applications, computer simulation, and coding Apps, along with gaining insights into some of Florida’s environmental problems.  One evening six STEM career professional women and role models explained to the girls what their careers included, why they enjoyed the work they did, and how exciting STEM careers could be.

The camp activities also gave the girls opportunities to enhance their social skills and develop more self-esteem as they worked on various projects and experiments.  They met new people and made new friends who also were interested in STEM. One of girls said that “building a hot air balloon; creating something out of nothing, like tissue paper, by ourselves and making it work was a terrific accomplishment”. Other girls described their camp experiences as “awesome”, “extraordinary”, “exciting”, “incredible” and “a unique educational experience.

Florida’s Tech Trek 2016 camp will take place on Palm Beach State College’s Boca Raton Campus from June 12th through the 18th.   184 girls from 18 branches have been nominated by a science or math teacher to attend the 2016 camp.  All of these girls have been sent applications to complete and return by February 1st.  Every girl who returns her application will be interviewed by an AAUW committee during February or early March. The committee to select the 60 girls to be invited to the camp will meet in mid March.   More information about the selection process can be obtained by contacting Sue Slone, 2016 Tech Trek Camp Director, at techtrekfl16@gmail.com or Helen Zientek, Assistant Camp Director, at hzientek@comcast.net.

AAUW has been a leader in the effort to interest more girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  The first summer Tech Trek camp took place on the campus of California’s Stanford University in 1998. There are now ten camps in California with another ten camps scattered around the United States. Thanks to very generous sponsors and supportive donors, families pay only a $50 fee to send a girl to camp ensuring that girls from a wide range of backgrounds are able to attend. See below for donation information.


Support an 8th Grade Girl at the 2016 Tech Trek Camp

AAUW-FL Tech Trek is a science and math camp for girls

June 12 – 18, 2016
Palm Beach State College – Boca Raton FL

Every Contribution Will Make a Difference!

_______ $ 25  for one lab notebook and a flash drive
_______ $ 50 Covers lab supplies for one camper
_______ $ 80  Provides for camper’s cost for half a day
_______ $160 Covers a full day of camp for one girl
_______ $200 Will feed a camper for a week
_______ $300 Sponsors a STEM teacher for the week
_______ $500 Finances half the camp cost for one girl
_______ $1000 Sponsors  a full week of camp for one girl
_______ $1000 Will fund the STEM professional women’s panel night

Make checks payable to AAUW
Write Florida Tech Trek 2016 on the memo
Mail this form and your check to:
Fundraising Coordinator
Tech Trek Florida 2016
Post Office Box 2938
Jupiter, FL 33468

Contributions are tax deductible

Thanks to our sponsors!

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