What are former campers saying about Tech Trek?

  • “Tech Trek was amazing. I learned a lot and had so much fun. It was a very great experience. I learned a lot about a variety of subjects about STEM and myself.”
  • “I loved this camp! It was my all-time favorite camp. I met so many new people and learned that everything is hard, it just takes persistence.”
  • “I realized that I am WAY more interested in STEM than I thought. I’m more confident in my STEM skills. I loved the other girls at camp and had a great time in my classes.”These girls are dressed ready to attend the Professional Women’s Night dinner and panel discussions that followed the dinner.

    There was at least one professional woman at each table of girls.



The girls were able to talk to the professional women about their career activities during dinner.




Following dinner there were panel discussions moderated by Patricia Ross, AAUW Florida President, where the girls had an opportunity to ask the groups of women about various
aspects of their educations and their work in the STEM fields represented that evening.