Student Nomination Schedule

Nominees for the 2018 Tech Trek camp must have been girls currently in the seventh grade who will enter eighth grade in the fall.  Girls must have been nominated by a math or science teacher in order to receive a camp application. No more than five nominees per school were accepted..

The deadline to submit nominations to the camp committee was December 1, 2017. Applications were sent out to nominated girls as nominations were received.  The applications must be returned by January 28, 2018. The girls who return their completed applications by the deadline will be personally interviewed and ranked by local AAUW members by February 20th. The camp committee to select the 64 girls to be invited to attend the camp will meet early March.  The girls selected tor camp, the alternates, and the other applicants will be notified by the end of March

The parents of the girls selected to attend the camp must send the required $50 registration fee  and the registration form to Tech Trek Florida by April 15, 2018.  Details about how to do this will be available at the beginning of March.