We hope you are interested in donating to the 2024 AAUW Florida Tech Trek Camps for girls who will be selected to attend one of the summer camps .Except for a registration fee of $50 the entire week of camp is free to the girls who have demonstrated an interest and/or ability in science, technology, engineering or math. Use the form below to submit your contribution.  Choose one of the suggested amounts or another amount that you  would like to contribute

      Support a Girl at the 2024 Florida Tech Trek Camp
AAUW-FL Tech Trek is a science, technology, engineering, and math camp for girls
who will enter the 8th grade for the 2024-25 school year

Every Contribution Will Make a Difference!

_______ $ 50 Covers supplies for one camper
_______ $ 120 Provides for camper’s cost for half a day
_______ $ 600 Finances half the camp cost for one girl
_______ $ 600 Funds a STEM workshop teacher for the week
_______ $ 1200 Sponsors  a full week of camp for one girl
_______ $ 750 will finance an afternoon workshop
_______ $ 1600 will sponsor professional women’s night dinner
_______ $ 2000 will sponsor a core class
_______$______ Other amount

Name_____________________Mailing Address____________________________________________

State and Zip Code____________ Branch name if applicable_______________________________

Make checks payable to AAUW FL Supporting Fdn, Inc
Write Tech Trek 2024 on the memo line
Mail this form and your check to: Treasurer
AAUW FL Supporting Fdn, Inc Post Office Box 126
Palm City, Florida 33991
Contributions are income tax-deductible